Excellence in executing EPC projects

ACCIONA Industrial's main goal is to offer our clients the best services possible in order to achieve optimal customer satisfaction. We have implemented and currently maintain a Quality System that was developed according to ISO 9001 standards and is certified by AENOR (Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación or Spanish Standards and Certification Association), applicable to the organisation's centres and contracts.

The Quality Department also directs the division's Environment and Social Responsibility Department.

Quality, Labour Risk Prevention, and Environment Policy Statement

Our policies are based on the fundamental values of social responsibility, protection of safety and health, respect for others, teamwork, respect for the environment, technical foundations of our work, and use of the best available preventive techniques. Our policy can be laid out as follows:


  • Our management and entire organisation are committed to quality management, prevention of labour risks, and the environment as a means not only to satisfy clients' expectations but also to improve their satisfaction levels going forward.
  • We work to continuously improve our processes in order to fulfil our quality commitments respect the environment; prevent disease, damage to persons and contamination; encourage innovative solutions; and exchange knowledge.
  • We are committed to promoting a culture of quality, preventing labour risks, and protecting the environment throughout our organisation, including our providers and generally all settings in which we are involved.
  • We take into consideration all the environmental aspects and sustainability criteria related to the company's activities, in order to minimise the impact of our work on the environment and promote the rational use of resources.
  • We increase awareness about and protect the environment through our employees' and interest groups' participation in awareness and training initiatives.
  • Our management is aimed at early prevention in order to avoid incidents and issues that may need to be corrected later.
  • We fulfil all legal and other requirements that the organisation must abide by, related to environmental and security risks, including road safety and personal health.
  • We apply and update our Management System, integrating the financial, technical, environmental, labour risk protection, and any other features that may contribute to quality and sustainability.
  • We promote internal and external communication, as well as our employees' active participation in the various aspects of the Management System.
  • We integrate the principles of quality, labour risk prevention, and environmental management into a corporate strategy and implement this as we manage our processes and establish suitable objectives.
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