ACCIONA Industrial ensures that all its professionals are safe and feel safe working for us, and that they are aware of their responsibilities and the importance of applying the necessary preventive measures.

Our Labour Safety and Health Department has created and improved the efficiency of our working conditions, ensuring the safety and health of individuals in our work centres, which are distributed worldwide, with the goal of reducing our labour incident count to zero. This involves not only our clients and employees but also in particular the subcontractors in our LRP (labour risk prevention) programs. This allows us to achieve optimal results as we take precautionary measures, as well as to offer recognition and add competitive value to our companies.

ACCIONA Industrial can manage and train all individuals involved in our projects, regardless of geographic location or cultural background. We understand that the interpersonal relationships and the human factor are key to the success of our projects, so we reward positive behaviour through innovative, international programs and by creating success stories that are unique and exclusive in the EPC industry.
  • Our Vision

Commitment to achieving high occupational health and safety standards. Offering a work environment that ensures the physical integrity and general well-being of our workers, including our own as well as those of our supplier and subcontractor chain.

  • Our Mission

Promoting continuous and sustainable improvement of working conditions and of the preventive culture in the settings where we operate, promoting the development of this culture in civil society at large.

ACCIONA has made a commitment to health and safety in the workplace that affects all the hierarchical and organisational levels at ACCIONA Industrial. Our mindset is fixed squarely on health and safety in the workplace, making decisions and following scientific guidelines, positioning ourselves in the preventive paradigm of this century, the cornerstones of which are the human factor and reinforcing the value chain.

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