We develop and implement high-tech innovative solutions, making us a major player in the EPC industry.

ACCIONA Industrial feels that innovation is one of the pillars of our company. We develop solutions that are used starting from the early stages of bidding for EPC projects, offering our clients and ACCIONA Industrial more competitive services while making us a model for sustainability and environmental care.

Our work in this area helps to distinguish us as a company that offers advanced and innovative solutions, not only in the realm of technology but also process management, project control, quality, environment, and safety and health.

We collaborate with multiple stakeholders both inside and outside of the company, including industrial and engineering firms, technology and innovation centres, universities, and public administrations. We also participate in various R&D programs across the European continent focused on Horizon 2020, and we develop our own solutions that place us at the cutting edge of the technologies we employ.



I’mnovation is an ACCIONA initiative to bring significant news, advances, and topics of interest related to technological innovation to the general public. By sharing articles, videos, and photo galleries, we seek to help users learn about new technology being researched in renewable energy, water management, digital transformation, and innovation's impact on society.

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