Substations and transmission lines. Shuqaiq3 Sea Water Desalination Plant

    The project for the substations and transmission lines is part of ACCIONA’s BOO contract with the Water and Electricity Company LLC (WEC) to design, finance, construct, operate and maintain the Shuqaiq3 Sea Water Desalination Plant for a 25 year period.

    Located on the Red Sea coast, Shuqaiq3 will be one of Saudi Arabia’s largest desalination plants. It will incorporate reverse osmosis technology and have the capacity to treat 450,000 m3 of water per day, enough to supply a population of two million people. It will also have a photovoltaic power plant to reduce its specific energy consumption.

    Construction of the plant’s electrical infrastructure includes two substations: the GIS-type Shuqaiq 3 substation (380/132 kV) equipped with two 500 MVA transformers, and a GIS-type substation for the desalination plant (132/13.8 kV – 2x110 MVA).

    Two 380kV aerial transmission lines, each one 4 km long, to connect to the Shuqaiq 1 and Shuqaiq 2 substations, and a 132 kV underground transmission line, 2.5 km long, to connect the Shuqaiq 3 substation to the plant, will also be constructed.

    General Information

    Location: Shuqaiq, Saudi Arabia

    Year construction started: 2019

    Scheduled completion date: 2020

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