GBS infrastructure with storage capacity, bunkering, and medium-scale LNG process.

    ACCIONA and GTT have created a solution for storing LNG based on a GBS (Gravity-Based Structure) made from concrete on the sea floor. This facility incorporates the LNG storage infrastructure and processing along with a ship-mooring system, resulting in a financially competitive solution.

    This innovative and unique development was created thanks to ACCIONA's extensive experience constructing concrete caissons for marine infrastructure, and GTT's global leadership in designing containment systems for cryogenic products.

    • Safe and proven solution. Storage at LNG atmospheric pressure, proven to be the safest storage option available.
    • Quality. Prefabrication of the caissons and assembly of the containment system in its own facilities enables us to ensure the highest quality standards for Oil & Gas applications, even for projects implemented in very remote areas.
    • Experience with construction. ACCIONA has built over 500 concrete caissons for marine infrastructure, with the capacity of over 110 ships, equipped with over 500 GTT membrane system tanks.
    • Modular, tailor-made design. Each caisson can be designed to fit the conditions of the area in which it will be implemented, whether in protected waters, in port, or offshore. The number of caissons can be increased and added in series in order to expand storage capacity.
    • Economical solution. Incorporating the LNG process and storage with ship mooring in the same infrastructure will help improve the project investment. Thanks to the implementation of onshore systems, this type of solution has improved operating costs over the conventional floating solutions.
    • Quick project completion time. ACCIONA and GTT have their own engineering and infrastructure, so projects can be completed and implemented in a short time frame.


    Commercial presentation of GBS-LNG storage solution developed by ACCIONA Industrial and GTT.

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