ACCIONA and Abengoa complete the manufacture and assembly of the last Cerro Dominador heliostat

  • The plant, owned by EIG Global Energy Partners, will be the first CSP tower plant in Latin America.

ACCIONA and Abengoa have completed the manufacture and assembly of the last of the heliostats that will make up the solar field of Cerro Dominador. The project is owned by funds managed by EIG Global Energy Partners and is being constructed by a consortium formed by ACCIONA and Abengoa.

The project is currently 85% complete.

Located in the Atacama Desert, in Chile, Cerro Dominador CSP plant will be the first of its kind in Latinamerica and has an overall installed capacity of 110 MW.

The solar field covers 700 hectares and will have 10,600 heliostats that will reflect the sun’s radiation onto a receiver located at a height of 252 metres.

Each of these heliostats has a reflective surface of 140 m², designed to reflect and concentrate solar radiation onto a receiver installed at the top of the tower.This radiation heats a flow of molten salts and the heat generated is used to produce steam that drives a turbine generating electricity.

This project will be capable of generating controllable clean energy 24 hours a day and will have a 17.5-hour thermal storage capacity based on molten salts.Cerro Dominador will also help to prevent up to 640,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year.

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