Thermal power generation

    Extensive experience with engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning of thermal power plants.


    ACCIONA Industrial works with various technologies for thermal power generation: solar thermal power plants or CSP (Concentrated Solar Power), biomass power plants, waste-to-energy plants, and combined cycles.

    This division's cumulative capacity exceeds 800 MW for projects completed and over 200 MW under construction, making it a leader in the development of turnkey solar thermal power plants, with over 600 MW installed. This type of power plant is known for its electrical generation capacity, using solar radiation as an energy source and fluids as thermal conductors. One of the most important innovations in the solar thermal plants we have developed is thermal storage using molten salts, which allows the plants to continue generating energy even when there is no sunlight.

    ACCIONA Industrial was the main contractor in the world's largest solar thermal plant to date, Noor I, located in Ouarzazate (Morocco). This plant uses CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) and parabolic trough technology, as well as thermal storage using molten salts. With an electrical generation capacity of 160 MW, it was commissioned at the end of 2015. In March 2016, the Bokpoort Solar Thermal Power Plant in South Africa was completed, boasting a capacity of 50 MW. Currently, the Kathu Solar Thermal Power Plant is under construction and will be built to use the same CSP technology.

    Other conventional power plants have also been developed under this line of business, which generate energy using thermal engines. ACCIONA Industrial has worked on a number of projects in Mexico, such as Baja California Sur III and Baja California Sur V power plants; the latter of these has been under warranty since September 2016. ACCIONA has also worked on open-cycle power plant projects in Mexico, such as Baja California II, with a configuration of 3x45 MW.

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