Oil & Gas

    A crucial link in the liquefied natural gas chain

    The Industrial business line of ACCIONA offers a wide variety of Oil & Gas services, such as storage, regasification, treatment, transportation, and distribution of natural gas, while specialising in liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals. In addition, ACCIONA has carried out projects in the petroleum industry including storage and refining (midstream and downstream), petrochemicals, and fertilisers.  

    ACCIONA has a strong track record of carrying out projects related to gas pipelines and storage and regasification terminals for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), having worked directly with our clients to help construct 75% of Spain's storage capacity. Notable projects include ACCIONA's collaboration on the construction of the Adriatic LNG terminal and expansions to the Huelva and Cartagena de Enagas terminals. 

    In addition, ACCIONA is a world-renowned leader in marine projects, such as jetties and dikes, for which it uses the most innovative techniques and technologies, in addition to its own technology.



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