We lead the entire EPC cycle

ACCIONA Industrial is an experienced international leader in turnkey/EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) projects worldwide and follows the framework and standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Our ability to work with major developers worldwide means that we begin collaborating with clients at the initial bidding phase, all the way through the performance and maintenance phases of the project, in order to provide a full-service EPC cycle with excellence.




Extensive experience in engineering design and supervision.


In-House Engineering

  • Conceptual, basic, and detailed engineering:
    • Technical Project Management.
    • Civil and Structural Engineering.
    • Electrical Engineering.
    • I&C Engineering.
    • Mechanical Engineering.
    • Process Engineering (including HSE).
    • Pipe Engineering (including supports and stress).
  • Supply Contracts and Management.
  • Testing and Standards Engineering.
  • Engineering for Launch of Power Plant.
  • Launch and Performance Tests.
  • Other: by project/technology.

Creation of Power Plant Generation Models

  • Optimisation of plant design to maximise LCOE.
  • Performance guarantees.
  • Net energy generation, parasitic load, water consumption, etc.


ACCIONA Industrial has an extensive international network made up of major suppliers of equipment, materials, and logistics services


Main Activities

  • Procurement of equipment.
  • Transportation and logistics.
  • Coordinating inspections.
  • Monitoring supplies.
  • Development of software to monitor procurement.

Construction, Commissioning and O&M

We are leaders in construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance

Executing Projects with Excellence

  • Construction management. 
    • Civil.
    • Electrical.
    • I&C.
    • Mechanical.
  • Cordination and commissioning management.
    • Documentation.
    • Mechanical finishing and transfer (TOPS).
    • Commissioning.
    • Evidence of contractual receipt and provisional acceptance.
  • Management of work materials.
  • Coordination of warranty term and operation and maintenance contracts.
    • Daily management of operations, guaranteed production, creation of models, etc.
    • Management of maintenance based on agreed budget.
    • Project cost control.
  • Planning.
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